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Conduit Bending Calculator

This Basic Conduit Bending App has Fractional Slider Inputs, Calculates Offsets, Saddles at any Angle, Snaps to common Angles, Calculates to 1/1000 inch and Rounds Off to Nearest 1/16 inch, This App Gets 4.6 Stars on Google!

Conduit Runner Pro

Conduit Runner Pro Has a Full Compliment of Conduit Bending Apps for Offsets, Saddles, Obstacles and Segment Bending. Interestingly it also has Apps for Conduit Fill, Conduit and Wire Tables, Minimum Radius, Required Cover Depth, Pull Box Sizing, and Conv


iBend-Pipe Calculates for Straight, Rolling and Parallel Offsets, 3 and 4 Bend Saddles, Segment and Concentric Bends, 90's, Back to Back 90's and Kicked 90's for any Size Bender and Compound 90's for Going Around a Square, Round, or Rectangular Object.

Master Bender

A Straightforward no nonsense approach to the Calculations involved in bending conduit. They have good explanations of what they are referencing but don't babysit too much, I like it.

Master Electrican Reference

MER is for electrical designers, engineers, installers, contractors, facility managers, inspectors, exam candidates, apprentices, electricians, journeymen, architects, and technicians. MER is for people doing residential, industrial, and commercial work.

My Bender

This App is Awesome for keeping a Diary of Different Benders and Project Information... It is as extensive as your imaginaton is, it has a pretty steep learning curve, but it's pretty cool.