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The most important part of any job is good layout; it is the first step to confidence and successful execution of the job. It’s also kinda why you make the big money.

I have some Replacement Vials for Checkpoint Levels, Magnets and Thumb Screws for Checkpoint and the Ventura Offset Level. Available by request using the Contact Tab they are about $5.00 each.


Hard Hat Pencil Clips

Hard Hat Pencil Clip  
100% Made In The USA

5 for $15.00 - Free Shipping

Clip-On or Stick-On. Firmly grips Sharpie®, Carpenters Pencil, and Regular Pencils.
Adhesive pad lets you stick them anywhere.
They clip on baseball and golf caps too. Learn more…
Wireman Sharpie

Sharpie® Fine Point Marker  
100% Made in the USA

5 for $20.00 - Free Shipping

These Sharpie® Fine Point Markers are imprinted at the factory for Wireman.com. They don’t get any fresher than that! We sell them at cost to keep our stock rotating and you help us advertise = a win-win situation. Learn more…
Wireman No 2 HB Round Pencil

Wireman.com No. 2 HB Round Pencil  

10 for $10.00 - Free Shipping

These Soft Graphite Pencils are perfect for Layout Work and Marking Conduit. Grab a few Wireman.com pencils to help you get the job done! Learn more…
Staedtler 51010 Graphite Pencil Sharpener 2

Staedtler 51010 Graphite Pencil Sharpener  

5 for $15.00 - Free Shipping

All metal pencil sharpeners molded of graphite.
Will last a lifetime.
It won’t break in your tool box.
Puts just the right taper on pencils.
Stays aligned and won’t eat pencils. Learn more…