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Flange Wizard Tools Accessory Combination Level

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Only 2 " Wide X 2 1/2" High 1 1/8" Deep; shirt pocket size. Anodized aluminum frame. Quality detailed dial face marked at 2 1/2° increments and numbered at 10° increments.


This pocket size, combination degree level makes it easy to establish angles and measure decline or slope. The rare earth magnet in the base make for easy “Hands Off” use and can even hold the end of a tape measure for solo use.

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This is a very nice tool. The best feature of this instrument is the short wheel base. It’s great for short stubs on any size conduit. Where your 8" level doesn’t have any pipe to hold on to! On 3" and up you can actually put the level inside the pipe.

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The dial face has the numbers 90° OUT OF horizontal! Yep that’s right, it is a pipe fitters tool, made for flanges. If you can’t do the 90° math thing then this is not your level.

Also this level does not have a V-Groove base but the magnets are so STRONG that it really isn’t necessary.

Still one of the very best Protractor Bubble’s on the market and it’s Made In The USA.


Made In The USA

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